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Let Penny and our team guide you to the success you deserve - and likely have earned!  After 20 years in corporate sales and marketing, Penny Kelley departed to forge her own path in 2014.  Shortly thereafter, Marketing Profit School was born.

Since starting my own consulting business, I've seen hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs that are literally "this-close" to achieve all their goals, but there's a some quirky blind spot or one change in a funnel or advertising strategy that is missing.

That's where we come in...  We start by going through your funnel and helping to identify the 3 actions that will have the biggest impact on your profitability on the front end.

Then we dive into the back end and work on efficiencies and profitability metrics that are sustainable over time.

We help you develop a plan to repeat these simple steps to break through those revenue and profit ceilings and achieve your most ambitious goals.


Making a Difference In Your Business And In The World

Our goal is to create abundance in partnership with our clients and students.

Part of that mission includes charitable contributions.  We typically choose one main charity to support per quarter or per year.  However, with so much of the world in crisis right now, I recommend that everyone find a charity, local, national or international, that supports those in need during this specific time, or an organization that supports equality and change.

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"I can't even believe making that one price change literally changed my whole business overnight!"
In just a few weeks we decreased CPA and increased AOV on my primary offer.

Sarah Mueller

Business Owner

I recommend working with Penny to help grow your business and increase sales. She has helped me with various parts of my business over the last few years and we consistently break through plateaus to create more abundance in the business.

Vicki Sowa


The Best Thing That Happened to me and my business! Need the push to take your business traffic to the next level? I was able to use social media and bring in new leads and new Clients! With Penny’s help I was able to take my knowledge to the next level! 

Lucy Bucklin


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