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What we believe...

The Joy of being where we are right now is a gift. From joy, endless possibilities are born.

Problems are most often resolved through Curiosity. Approaching new challenges with Resourcefulness and a sense of discovery leads to seeing the path forward more clearly.

We are Leaders who own our Ambition and demand excellence and quality in our lives and businesses.

Through Simplicity, we integrate practical efficiencies and common-sense Accountability.

Trusting our internal Wisdom allows us to operate with individuality and always remain in Integrity.

In our distracted, disjointed world, our commitment to Connection means we prioritize teamwork, Tolerance, and diversity for our team and our community.

Building Prosperity in our businesses leads to Security for our families and the communities we support.

We know the Universe has our back and is always conspiring in our favor, as long as we are clear on where we want to go and taking daily action.

Finally get to seven figures, without the hustle...

Penny knows all too well what it's like to have both a business and a family that need your time, attention, and resources.  There's only one you, so it's never been more important to focus on the things that truly drive your business forward so you still have plenty time and energy for your family, and for yourself. 

Here's the thing...a profitable business is only one part of your prosperous life.  Penny and the Marketing Profit School team are here to help you move closer to having both!

Online programs are great at teaching you how to create your course or craft your coaching or consulting offer, but they aren't always great at teaching you how to consistently market your business. If you're ready to create a well-oiled machine that consistently makes a profit, you need an expert guide to help you get there.

Marketing your business can feel overwhelming and like a huge mine field and even worse, a money pit. Everyone online says their way is the best, when really what you need is a strategy that is unique to YOU. We will help you find your personal prosperity path and finally create momentum with marketing that feels easy and leads to the business of your dreams!

You know the hustle-mode is not sustainable long-term if you want to have both a business and a life that you love. My goal is to increase your profit while decreasing the number of things you do that you don't enjoy.

We help clients create sustainable growth without high-pressure or overly-hyped tactics that feel outdated and just plain wrong in today's climate.

You're smart. You're capable. You're focused on what you want to achieve. And, you realize you're missing a few key pieces to complete the marketing puzzle for the growth you desire.

I'm here to fill that gap and help you finish the puzzle, once and for all. Book a call now to see if we're a fit to complete your puzzle.

About Penny.

Penny Kelley is the Chief Profit Catalyst & Prosperity Cultivator at Marketing Profit School. As a business coach, consultant, and speaker, her direct approach has helped thousands of clients and students improve their Facebook™ and Google™ marketing, sales funnel performance, and marketing strategies. She is known for her PROFIT Pillars framework and Profit & Prosper Programs.

Penny grew up in Jackson, MS and has lived in Southeast Louisiana since attending Tulane University (Newcomb College).  She and her husband, Stephen, have been married over 25 years. They have two children in college and two spoiled cats at home. Penny is a wine lover and avid sports fan (especially soccer), and a lifetime learner who loves books of all kinds.


Sarah had her first 6-figure month, and first 7-figure year!

Marketing Profit School Sarah Mueller

Sarah Mueller, Entrepreneur

Cerita's Business Is Growing Exponentially!

Penny not only understands marketing, she understands people. I'm not just a business owner, I'm a human and she really gets that. She understands how important my business is to me and how I can grow WITH my business, bringing the knowledge of big-time marketers without the facade. She never pretends to be something she isn't and encourages me to do the same. I love her laugh, her energy, and her commitment to being a changemaker.

I chose to work with Penny over some big-name funnel gurus because she doesn’t teach me to hack someone else’s funnel. She helps me become more authentic, more connected, more influential, more consistent, and a better marketer.

Penny doesn’t just develop businesses, she develops leaders!

Cerita Yvonne, Relational Trauma Expert, Therapist, Trauma Coach

Peter Li

Peter helped his Agency Client get results faster

Penny’s guidance around the strategy for my client's funnel saved me a ton of time and energy. She was able to use her extensive knowledge of working with various businesses to show me what pitfalls to avoid and what I should be focusing on to get the best results.

I’ve also been able to benefit from Penny’s guidance in our group coaching calls where she shares insights around what’s working and what’s not working in her client’s businesses.

Being able to have access to this type of knowledge is such a huge shortcut when it comes to knowing how I should be optimizing my client's funnels.

I highly recommend working with Penny if you get the chance.

Peter Li, Marketing Consultant
Doug Van Buskirk

Doug got his highest ROI to-date

Penny is the real deal. Right off the bat, she brought us creative new ideas to restructure a funnel that had plateaued.

Those suggestions breathed new life into our business!

Our Facebook Ads performance improved significantly as a result of her direction and we achieved our highest ROI to-date while working with her.

Highly recommend!

Doug Van Buskirk, Entrepreneur

Gemma James, Sales Coach

Vicki Sowa, Influencer

Becky Lafave, Business Coach

Finally Break Through the Six-Figure Ceiling, Without the Hustle

You've done the work and have the launch scars to prove it. Now it's time to stop chasing the next launch and start turning this thing into a business that will generate income and security for you and your family for years to come. Penny can help you develop a personalized system for predictable growth and long-term prosperity.

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