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Marketing Strategy To Help Entrepreneurs Grow Faster...

Have you hit an income ceiling or a plateau in your business growth?

Reverse engineering your monthly income and getting clear on your sales and marketing KPIs - this is the first step with new clients. 

Let's see adjustments and changes (some tiny and some big) to have the business and the life you truly deserve, and then we help you put the repeatable sales and marketing strategies in place to help you start seeing exponential growth in your business.

The Truth About Freedom & Impact

More Freedom, More Impact

Did you start your business looking for more freedom, then find yourself actually working more hours and being tied to a tougher schedule than in your previous 9-5?  

Or maybe you got a little taste of that freedom when you started getting sales or clients, but then realized what you were doing wasn't scalable because you were personally doing all of the work.  You are the bottleneck preventing growth.

Been there, done that.  

More Impact, More Freedom

The fact is, it's in the impact to others that the freedom is born.

Finding how to use your special expertise and knowledge in a way to help others realize a transformation is they key to that impact.  

Getting some systems in place to help you increase your impact and help more people while still delivering that transformation helps you start producing the freedom - both financial and time freedom.  

Of course the trifecta - adding location freedom - is realized when most of your business is conducted virtually.  Many more expert businesses were forced into this last year.  Penny has worked from a home office since 2003, and..

We've been helping businesses create freedom for over 7 years now, so we've learned a lot about best practices here.

Breathing Room

Getting To The Place Where You Love It Again

Wouldn't it be great to LOVE your business again...to have the time and energy - mental and physical - to enjoy your business and your life.

We focus on a holistic approach to helping entrepreneurs like you, mostly Experts and Digital Entrepreneurs, take control of their business so they don't simply own a job, but are actually growing into the CEO of a business.  

This approach, focused on you, helps to build habits and processes that will continue to serve you as you grow beyond six figures toward seven.

Owning a business that produces multiple six- or seven-figures is all about being adaptable.  This starts with being aware of what is going on daily, weekly and monthly in your business.

And we foster this awareness with support.  Our support and the support of a community of other entrepreneurs growing businesses similar to yours.  From years of experience helping entrepreneurs grow multiple six-figure and seven-figure businesses, we know what it takes.

As the saying goes, "What got you here, won't get you there."  

We know what gets you there...and how to apply the lessons along the way.

Being Strategic

Tactics, Strategies and Frameworks

If you're like most of us, you're constantly looking for those little tactics and hacks to save time, and maybe eagerly open the emails of your favorite tactical geniuses.  You know, the ones that always have a new trick up their sleeve?

The reality is that proven strategies are much more important that ever-changing tactics.  Strategies will see you through over time and can be adapted to new tactics, if you've laid the right foundations.

This is why we start with frameworks that employ proven strategies from marketing, sales, and business.  You will build a strategic toolbox inside your framework, and then you can sprinkle in your favorite tactics, knowing that when any tactic stops working, or isn't as effective as you expected it to be that you can try something else without having to lose any forward momentum - because you're foundation is strong.

Our Goal Is Your Success

Why We Are Different

Marketing Profit School was founded with a singular focus: To help other entrepreneurs grow faster and build businesses with impact, freedom and a strong foundation.

With a 20+ year career in highly competitive sales and marketing and over 7 years helping others build their businesses beyond six figures, Penny is here to help you write your success story.

We help you use smart marketing strategy and tools, 80/20 principles and core business principles that are proven to work across many niches and markets to help you move further faster in your business growth.

For you, this might begin with a little inner work to get past some limiting beliefs (it's okay - we all have them from time to time), or you may be ready to dive right into the deep end with sales and marketing funnels to fill your pipeline and grow your sales.  

We will work together to see where you are and what steps will best serve your long-term profitable growth, so you can finally have both the business and the life you deserve.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  

The next best time is today.  

So, what are you waiting for?

About Penny.

Penny Kelley is a business coach, consultant, and speaker whose direct approach helps clients achieve ambitious and profitable results. She has helped thousands of clients and students improve their Facebook™ and Google™ marketing, sales funnel performance, and marketing strategies. She is known for her PROFIT Pillars framework and Profit Reboot system.

Penny grew up in Jackson, MS and has lived in Southeast Louisiana since attending Tulane University (Newcomb College).  She and her husband, Stephen, have been married over 25 years. They have two kids in college and two spoiled cats at home. Penny is a wine lover and avid sports fan (especially soccer), and a lifetime learner who loves books of all kinds.


Sarah had her first 6-figure month, and first 7-figure year!

Marketing Profit School Sarah Mueller


Peter Li

Peter helped his Agency Clients get results faster

Penny’s guidance around the strategy for my client's funnel saved me a ton of time and energy. She was able to use her extensive knowledge of working with various businesses to show me what pitfalls to avoid and what I should be focusing on to get the best results.

I’ve also been able to benefit from Penny’s guidance in our group coaching calls where she shares insights around what’s working and what’s not working in her client’s businesses.

Being able to have access to this type of knowledge is such a huge shortcut when it comes to knowing how I should be optimizing my client's funnels.

I highly recommend working with Penny if you get the chance.

Peter Li, Marketing Consultant
Doug Van Buskirk

Doug got his highest ROI to-date

Penny is the real deal. Right off the bat, she brought us creative new ideas to restructure a funnel that had plateaued.

Those suggestions breathed new life into our business!

Our Facebook Ads performance improved significantly as a result of her direction and we achieved our highest ROI to-date while working with her.

Highly recommend!

Doug Van Buskirk, Entrepreneur

Gemma James, Sales Coach

Vicki Sowa, Influencer

Becky Lafave, Business Coach

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