Penny Kelley

Wife  ~ Mom ~ Daughter ~ Sister
Entrepreneur ~ Mentor
Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Friend

Penny S Kelley Marketing Profit School

Penny's approach to life and business is direct and ambitious.  

After two decades in corporate roles, from entry level to executive, she exited in 2014 to strike out on her own.

When she walked away from her corporate career in the wine & spirits industry, she invested in courses, masterminds and mentoring programs to build the skills for developing profitable and sustainable businesses online.  

The Power of Perseverance

Pushing through tough times is part of what drives Penny to help other business owners find success.

Back in the early 2000's she and her husband had a retail wine & gourmet store for a few years.  While no one could have predicted the economic impact of 9/11 on South Louisiana, losing the store was a devastating blow.

So, in 2003, with a 4 year old and an 18 month old, she jumped back into the wine business, and stayed another 11+ years.

That spirit of wanting more woke up again in 2010 when her younger brother passed away.

In 2014, during the final phase of a re-org, she took the opportunity to follow that pull for more.

More freedom, more impact.

Less than a year into the new adventure, her dad passed away unexpectedly.

This adjusted her goals dramatically.  Helping her mom was now a bigger part of her ultimate goals.

That period also led to a bit of a slow-down in growth.  

With so much to process, Penny spent a few years working as a team member for other entrepreneurs who had achieved the success of a multiple six or seven figure business she wanted to build. 

Big growth requires big investments - and it's definitely worth it!

Then, in early 2020, she fully focused on Marketing Profit School and serving her own audience, students and clients.

In all those years of corporate sales, Penny knew the best sales results came from having strong relationships in the market.  That is true for our online marketplace as well.

At Marketing Profit School, Penny helps small business owners and entrepreneurs break through revenue and profit ceilings while building more meaningful connections with their clients and audience.  

Penny's goal is to help those entrepreneurs and small business owners stop owning a job where they run themselves into the ground working too many hours, doing "all the things," and too much time-for-money trade to really get ahead.

No one started a business to simply own a dead-end job that only sounds great on social media.  

We started our businesses to support a great life - isn't it time to make that a reality?

Penny now brings that ambitious spirit to everything she does - in business and life.  

Penny Kelley grew up in Jackson, MS and has lived in Southeast Louisiana since attending Tulane University (Newcomb College).  She is a wife and mom to two great kids and one spoiled cat. Penny is also a wine lover and soccer fan, and loves books of all kinds.

Penny S Kelley Marketing Profit School


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