Sales And Marketing Are Key For Digital Entrepreneurs To Thrive In Tough Times

It’s the age-old problem…we love to buy things, but we hate when someone tries to ‘sell’ us something. So, what if learning just a little about marketing could make selling a lot easier for you?

THIS is the number one objection I get from entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow and scale their businesses – it’s some variation of “but I can’t sell,” or “I don’t like selling…”

You get the idea…

A new entrepreneur has high hopes of being in the 3% (or less) of new businesses that ‘make it’ beyond the first year, yet they don’t want to sell anything.


No matter how good your content is or how many testimonials you have…

And you may not have that many if you are a new entrepreneur.

Even with the most impressive ‘social proof’ on the planet, you still have to ask for the sale.

And right now, after a crushing 2020, many potential clients are just a little more skeptical than they used to be.

Understandably so.

The last 12 months have brought devastation and opportunity – and not in equal measure.

Worse – the opportunistic people who tried to take advantage of others in bad situations. Those are the marketers that hurt all of us.

So, while integrity is always important, it somehow feels more important right now. No matter what you sell or offer to serve your audience, do so with integrity.


What makes selling easier?


This is the foggy part of the puzzle that most entrepreneurs are missing.

They need a comprehensive and consistent plan for their MARKETING.

Sales is the push part of your revenue generation.

Marketing creates the pull.

It pulls your ideal clients and buyers into your world.

Your marketing includes your:

  • Content –
    • written, like blog posts and long-form social posts
    • video, video, video (please make videos)
    • images you share on social media
    • anything you create that other people consume…
  • Emails to people who gave you permission to share with them
  • Website Pages and Sales Pages that inform people how you can help them
  • Promotion and Launch programs that lead to a sales opportunity

Basically, any place you share information with people.

This information is helpful – show them you can help them by actually helping them.

It may (and sometimes should) challenge their current beliefs and world views to help them see what is possible beyond what they currently know.

Your marketing is how you bring people into your world and help them.

Good marketing makes sales easier.

Share solutions with people and help them.

Then selling becomes more about telling them what’s available, than a never-ending offer push.

When you add in some targeting advertising to help grow your audience and impact faster, it can be magical.

I help clients do this by starting with Facebook and Instagram advertising and adding Google advertising to grow faster.

Most people already have a Facebook ads account and and Google ads account.

(Have you ever used Google’s free Keyword Planner Tool? Then you have a Google ads account.)

And many entrepreneurs have ‘dabbled’ with Facebook ads by boosting a post or video, even if they haven’t run sales conversion ads.

When you have a solid Marketing plan in place and back that up with proven Facebook ads and Google ads strategies, the potential is staggering.

I’ve literally seen businesses scale hundreds of thousands of dollars in months.

I’ve also seen businesses take years to see their first six figures.

And some who just never make it that far.

“The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” – Peter Drucker

What’s the difference?

Well, first and foremost, its execution. Having a great idea doesn’t magically produce revenue for your business.

You have to execute sales and marketing to produce revenue.

Creating a path for your potential clients to follow so you can make sales. Sharing content through marketing, and staying in touch with your audience with both email and social media.

These are the core components of a successful marketing plan in action.

And they will make selling oh so much easier!

I spent over 20 years selling, and good marketing changes everything. When you create DEMAND in the marketplace, the work of selling becomes quite simple.

Join the conversation…Comment below or connect with me on my social profiles. I would love to hear about how you have used marketing and sales to improve your business.

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