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8 Core Motivators To Drive Action


It can be a real challenge to choose the right words to get our prospective clients and partners to take action.

 When we start our business, we envision droves of clients running toward our solution. As time goes by, we can get disillusioned by the realities of running a business.

 My goal is to help you make things easier. Getting clear on how you can help people and what to say to let them know this is a big step in the right direction.

 These 8 Core Motivators can get your audience taking quick and decisive action. Learn to use them at the right times and you can see your business results multiply quickly… 2X, 3X or more.

Core Motivators: Make Money

This is one of the biggest niches in both online and offline marketing. People have sought out ways to increase their income for ages. Any type of offer that promises wealth will get people taking action.

Here are a few things to consider before you jump into this one. First, Facebook™ (and other social media platforms) do not allow direct offers to make money. It is against their terms of service and lumped in with “get rich quick schemes.” In fact, Facebook ™ views most “work from home” opportunities as part of this category. So, you’ll need to come at it a different way or promote on different platforms.

 Second, consumers are getting more savvy in the connected era. When your offer includes an income opportunity, make a clear presentation. Include the income earnings statement from your company and any disclaimers available.

 In other words, be transparent and honest about the offer. Lay out the realities and let the readers or viewers decide if it’s right for them. Even with the restrictions, this still earns the top spot for our core motivators.

Core Motivators: Save Money

Right behind making money is saving it. The popularity of discount travel sites alone proves this. There are shopping clubs, cash back programs and ways to earn points to do more shopping. Seriously, this list goes on and on…

 Saving money has been important for decades in American culture. These offers are popular across other countries as well. The modern household seems to always look for more ways to both make money and save money.

 There can be similar policies as the make money range when you promote these offers. So, read the policies of your chosen platform.

 But, you can (almost) always share a way to save money on something your audience already wants.

 If you have an audience already looking to get help from a coach, offer a program where they save money on a package.

 If you can show a group of frequent travelers how to save on something they love doing already – it’s a win, win.

Core Motivators: Save Time & Save Effort

These are HUGE for part-time entrepreneurs and solo business owners.

 I group them together because the they support one another and are congruent.

 Often the business owner who wants to save time can do so by saving effort in another area. Working with efficiency is the best way to save both time and effort.

 For consumers, think about working parents or students. These two groups are always looking to get more done in less time.

Productivity and Personal Development are perennial best-selling topics for this reason.

It’s part of our culture in the connected age. We move so fast and information moves faster still. Anytime a tool or course can help someone achieve even a sense of better efficiency, it’s a winner.

Learning how to promote it to the right people? Well, that’s something I can help you with. Book a free strategy session to see how we can help…

Core Motivators: Improve Health

This core motivator is likely as old as time itself. When you pull “weight loss” into the category of improving health, it’s a monster.

This is easily one of the most promoted categories on the planet. Why?

A quick search on Amazon returns 70,000 results for “improve health.” You’ll get 80,000 for “weight loss.” If that’s not a sign of the times, I don’t know what is.

Most of us are over-feeding our bodies and underfeeding our minds every single day.

Even within this indulgent cycle of society, we have a natural urge to improve our health. We want to live longer and have a better quality of life while doing it. This is clear in all generations today.

Generation Y and Millenials are generally more active than their parents. Many Millienials don’t have cars (in cities), and walk or bike more often. Generation X and Boomers actively look for ways to get outside and move around more than in the past.

Taking advantage of this motivator can help you reach more people. Then, you can get more sales while helping them achieve this goal.

Core Motivators: Impress Others

I’m always amused at how prevalent this motivator is – especially in business circles.

The manager who boasts about her promotion.

The business owner who can’t help but announce his big new contract.

You get it. We all want to brag a little about our achievements so our friends and neighbors see us as a little more important. It’s human nature to seek a higher social standing.

People are motivated both by improved status and avoiding reduced status. We want to climb in stature and avoid anything that will knock us down that ladder.

Products and services that help with this are timeless…

Sports cars, big houses, supplements to help with vitality and energy, hair re-growth for men and removal for women. Just to name a few…

Think about the number of “lifestyle” vacation images you see on social media compared to the number “waiting in carline for my kids” pics…

What are some ways to include tangible tools or the “possibility” of increased status in your offer?

Core Motivators: Increase Pleasure

This motivator can include physical, mental or spiritual pleasure.

Think about the pleasure of a romantic getaway for a long-married couple. Just as pleasurable is the relaxation of a massage or a spiritual yoga retreat weekend.

These are only a few of the ways you can help your prospective clients increase their pleasure in life. There are countless others.

Do you take pleasure in a clean home or a tidy car? Are you willing to pay a skilled person to help you achieve those things? Those services help us enjoy increased pleasure without doing the work ourselves.

What are some ways your product or service can help your clients increase their pleasure in life? Enjoy the “good life” a little more often?

Core Motivators: Eliminate Pain

This final core motivator is huge in marketing. Seriously.

Human desire to end the pain of a hated job or a toxic relationship has led to millions in sales over the years.

It has been argued that the desire to end pain is stronger than the desire to increase pleasure. This seems tied to the level of pain or pleasure.

A marketer at her wits’ end constantly running ads and not getting quality leads or clients… that’s a severe pain. It may even be life and death for their business.

A parent who doesn’t know how to explain the needs of her child with ADHD or a diagnosis on the Autistic Spectrum is also in great pain. This is very important to the child’s well-being and her long-term happiness.

Can you think of ways to position your product or service to help end a specific pain for your client?


These 8 core motivators are present in almost every marketing message you see. They are present in commercials and video ads and written sales letters alike.

Nearly every type of marketing you encounter will have at least one of these core motivators in play.

Most of them have more than one.

Some very talented copywriters can get all eight in one long-form sales letter. Is that necessary for success? I don’t think so.

Get clarity on the benefits your product or service offers your potential clients. This make it is much easier to bridge those benefits to one or more of the core motivators.

Then getting more clients becomes so much easier.

What are some of the core benefits of your product or service?

How do they relate to at least 1 of the core motivators mentioned here?

What can you say to potential clients to help them see these benefits tied to a core motivator?

These core motivators are intended to help you help others and not for manipulation.

Coercion is never the right choice for marketing or running a business. Always market with integrity. 

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P.S. What motivates you?  Join the conversation in the comments below…

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