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3 Ways To Turn Prospects Into Clients

When you first start out, you’re focused on building an audience and getting clients and sales.  Period.  This means you must turn prospects into clients with some consistency.

In fact, many top coaches and consultant swear by the idea that new businesses should only focus on sales and revenue until you reach the 7 figure mark.

I agree, to a point.

It’s an amazing thing when you cross that six figure mark in your business. Especially when you do it actually helping people or adding some value to their lives.

Yet, getting from that first six figure year to mid-six or seven requires some systems and automation if you want to stay profitable long-term. (Marketing Strategy and Sales Process/Flow are what I do, after all.)

So, how do you model what successful people with expert businesses are doing? How do you build a following and a never-ending stream of new and repeat clients?

Well, it starts with consistently turning prospects into clients.

Remember, people don’t want to be sold, but they love to buy.

Today I’m sharing 3 ways to help you predictably turn prospects into clients.

Tip #1 Actually Help People

When you move someone from the audience to your list of prospects, show you them you can help them by actually helping them

Whatever freebie you offer to build your list, make sure it delivers what you promise – and maybe a bit more.

Send them relevant follow-up content in a short sequence. Storytelling can be powerful for conversions here. Tell stories of how others got results or learned a new skill with you.

Sprinkle in testimonials or case studies where appropriate, but be sure to focus on value here. Will they find it valuable? When you read it aloud, does it sound like a pitch-fest or something worthwhile?

Now, look, we all have times when we are pushing a new program or have a launch. At those times, we are doing more selling and being direct in our approach. Even then, we want to lead with value.

In the everyday flow of business, actually helping people with value first is the best way to get conversions and sign up more clients and buyers.

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Tip #2 Listen To Them

As your business grows, it gets harder to have conversations with all but the most qualified prospects

TIME is the only resource you cannot replace. You can make more money, and hire more team members, but you cannot create more than 1440 minutes in a day.  Respect the value of your time, but never stop listening to your audience and especially your prospects.

After someone has opted in and is in your near-orbit, show them appreciation. Listen to them. They will tell you what they want. This can look different from one business to another, but here are some ideas to get started…

  • As open-ended questions in your emails and let them know how to respond or reply.

  • Ask questions in Facebook groups (yours or those you belong to, just always follow the group rules).

  • Mine for data in groups and forums to see what questions your ideal client avatar asks, and offer helpful answers where appropriate.

  • Active listening and note-taking during any live conversations are gold for your business.

Tip #3 Lead Them

While it may seem obvious, you have to ask for the sale.

Remember those people that don’t want to be sold but do want to buy? You have to lead them to the point where they say ‘yes.’

And you must ask for the sale. Period.

Lead them through the process of learning about you and how you can actually help them. Show them how you’ve helped others like them. Give them value and share content that will further advance your relationship with them. Then, ask for that sale!

Leading them does not end there. That’s one of the biggest mistakes I see in business today. People get the sale & don’t follow-through far enough or long enough.

When I was in corporate wine sales, I had clients relationships that spanned more than 10 years in multiple markets. This was because I maintained and nurtured those relationships.

You do that with your clients by leading them. Give them what they need to make the transformation of your big promise in your course or program. Follow-up. Tell them the next steps.

  • Is there an alumni program?

  • Do you have a group people join after a course?

  • Do you have a monthly retainer program for clients that want to stay with you?

3 Ways To Turn Prospects Into Buyers

Turn Prospects Into Clients: Conclusion

The bottom line is that if you build it and they come, make sure you know what to do with them when you get them.

When you turn prospects into clients, you must lead them where you promise.

This is a critical element to long-term success. Retention and Referrals don’t happen by accident.

So, the “Leading Them” chapter is long. It carries you through the sale into fulfillment and long-term relationship.

Yet, the first two tips are equally important. If you don’t actually help them or listen to them, you won’t get the chance to lead them. At least not for very long…

So, start implementing these in little ways to see how big your results can be. Tell me how it goes.

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