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2 Tips To Build An Audience That Engages

Are you baffled at how to build an audience that engages with your content? Need more quality responses to your questions?

We’ve all been there…

You put in a ton of work researching and compiling a that ‘just-right’ article or video content. The you click ‘publish’ and – nothing.

It’s like your baring your soul in a vacuum.


It’s such a common problem for content creators and professionals.

We are simply bombarded by noise. The noisy clutter of social media, videos, emails, etc. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and rise above the din to build an audience that engages with you and your content?

Well, that comes down to two things…

Tip #1: Use Your Unique Voice

No matter how competitive your niche, your voice is your own. Hundreds or thousands (or millions) of others can offer the same service or program, but only you do it your way. Only you communicate the way you do with your unique experiences and point of view.

Be yourself. Let the audience and potential clients see the real you.

The days of ‘playing a role’ in the business world are gone. Pretending to be someone you think you need to be in order to succeed will only lead to frustration.

Consumers are smarter. Other business owners are much smarter. They see right through this little act of yours. Maybe they don’t immediately realize it’s just a role you are playing, but they sense something is off. The mismatch shows through.

The fact is, this does not build a profitable and sustainable business. Isn’t that what we all really want at the end of the day?

Your unique voice and the things that make you different from others are part of your success equation. Embracing what makes you different is exactly how you stand out in the crowded and noisy marketplace.

Even if you curate content or share a post from someone else, you should write an intro with your opinion. Include what you believe makes the content valuable to your audience. Ask for the audience’s opinion.

Being uniquely you will help to draw those perfect client prospects closer to you. This is one way you can go into future conversations with a potential client and have them say they feel like they already know you. That’s good stuff.

build an audience that engages

Tip #2: Narrow Your Focus

This might be the biggest problem I see when onboarding new clients and students. I’m sure you’ve heard the reference that if everyone is in your audience, it’s the same as targeting no one.

Harsh, right?

But oh so true!

Clarity on your specific audience niche is critical for success.


How about an example?

Okay, let’s say you’re a teacher, and you have this great program that helps students get better results on standardized tests.

You could target parents or other teachers. Either is okay and would probably work for you with good marketing.

Now, let’s say you have a program for students and it’s selling pretty well. You’re ready to expand and offer another product, and you really want to help other teachers get these results.

So, you can target anyone who is a teacher.

However, if you drill this down to high school teachers, that’s better.

More specific? High School English Teachers.

marketing profit school


Now that’s a specific audience. And, in many high schools, the English teachers take on the ACT Prep or SAT Prep roles, so… it’s a perfect match!

How about another one…

Let’s say you’re pretty good at Facebook ads. (I’m a Certified Facebook Marketing Consultant.)

So are literally millions of other people. So, you drill down to help only…

  • Residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers in markets under 1 million people.
  • Course Creators who have launched at least once
  • Dentists building a multi-service practice
  • There are so many more…

Here is where you get to be creative and think about WHO you want to work with in your business.

Think 6 or 12 months into the future.

Who do you want to be on that Zoom call with you or at your retreat?

The people you draw to you will become your inner circle in your business. You should enjoy spending time with them.

It’s important.

So, think about your target audience right now and how you can refine it just a little.

Could one small tweak make your audience more in alignment with who you are and the business you want to build?

Conclusion: Build An Audience That Engages

The bottom line is that it’s about them, not you. 

When you speak in your authentic voice and have a clearly defined audience, magic can happen.

Then it’s up to you to offer them content and programs that can actually help them.

These tips are critical whether you are building an audience on social media or elsewhere.  You must speak directly your audience’s needs whether they are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, or your blog.

Then, make it easy.  Make it easy for the audience to engage, to learn more about your product or services.  Roll out the red carpet for their journey right to you.

Neil Patel has an excellent post about maximizing audience engagement by making it easy HERE.

Do the research.

Do the work.

Make a difference.

Make it easy 😉

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