Watch The Video For Instructions On Using Your 60 Second Sales Audit

This quick video  walks you through the two versions of the 60 Second Sales Audit.  Choose the one that best represents how you create revenue for your business. Grab your data from Facebook, Google, or your funnel software. Then, evaluate and identify the gaps that need attention. Highest impact: Top of Funnel down while watching (1) Profit and (2) Revenue as flashpoints.

View Google Sheets Versions

(With Formulas for Conversion Percentages)

You will be prompted to save a copy when you click the link. Then it’s your copy and you can fully edit. Pro tip: bookmark this page so you can download a clean copy if you write over the formulas. 

For Printable PDF: Open the file that fits your business and save your copy, then click File > Download > PDF to download your PDF version.