We Look At Business Growth from Zero to 7 Figures In Three Phases...

grow & know

The best outcomes start with a solid foundation.  How well do you know your audience and target clients or customers?  Being very clear on what they want is key.  Remember, it's about them, not you...

nurture & promote

The marketplace has changed quickly this year and it will keep changing.  Our current crisis will likely shift the landscape forever.  Give your audience value and provide them with reasons to pay attention.  Treat your existing clients like family.

automate & replicate

Those first two steps are critical for this one to succeed.  Then the fun begins.  Smart automation and the referral machine.  Create happy customers how cannot wait to tell their friends about you.

Grow & Know

This is the important first step: "It's not about you, honey, it's ALWAYS about them."

Clarity on your target audience and ideal client avatar are key to your future success.  

This is the critical first thing that builds a solid foundation for everything else you do.  In fact, I've seen numerous business owners who weren't totally clear on how they wanted to serve an audience, but definitely knew WHO they wanted to serve succeed.  It is rarely true the other way around.  Any 'beginner' course should address audience research.

While most of my clients these days are not beginners, I do still keep some basic courses updated for those just starting out with their online business journey.

My 'Magnetic Business Blueprint' dedicates the first module to knowing your audience.  The rest of this course helps build a strong foundation for future profits in your business.  

Inside that course, I direct new entrepreneurs to one of my mentors for her excellent training on List Building.  You can register for the webinar here.

During this phase, you focus on building your audience, building your list (two different things) and creating content that lets them know you can help them.  Your content will focus on solving problems or achieving goals or desires (like learning a skill or hobby).

Take a look at our DIY Courses Here.

Nurture & Promote

It really starts getting fun when you're attracting that ideal audience to your content and you get the opportunity to engage with them.

Nurturing your audience is key to profitable promotions.

Consistent content sent out over time is what generally makes this happen.  That's why there are no overnight successes in business.  People need to get to know you a little through your content and the various platforms where you share it.

Social Media is very important - and don't try to be everywhere until you have systems in place to help with that.  Whichever platform is your go-to right now is where I recommend you start.  You probably already have a following and engagement there - so build on that before you start another platform.

The Nurture & Promotion phase is where most bloggers and entrepreneurs get stuck for awhile - stuck at the same revenue or profit and stuck in a cycle that feels more like a job than a CEO.

Having systems to batch your content and at least one part-time VA to help with content distribution and promotion is important to grow beyond this phase. 

Now, don't get me wrong.  I am the queen of intentionally small and lean.  I only grow when it's required because I want my business to be very nimble and portable.

(However, I've worked in large corporations and managed big teams, so I know how to help with the growth as well.  We'll discuss that in the next phase...)

Here's the thing...I find so many small business owners clinging to the IDEA in their head of what their business SHOULD look like - and still doing... All. The. Things. All by themselves.

Now, let me tell you, my friend, that will keep you struggling for years.  I know because I've been there.

I went from corporate sales executive running a team that spanned 13 states and mid eight figures in wholesale value to digging my heels into the IDEA in my HEAD of having my own business - all by myself.  

The rogue exec turned entrepreneur that magically transformed overnight into a darling of the online marketing world.  LOL.

Yes - six years later, I have a thriving business and am so happy with what I've built.  But I did not do it alone.

I invested in coaches, mentors, masterminds, and courses...lots of courses.  

Some I never even cracked open, much less finished.

You see, I got so swept up in chasing shiny objects that I actually joined two high level masterminds the first year in (don't do that!).

So, here's the deal.  Be intentional in the business and life you want to create.  Then take the right actions to produce those results.

Find one or two (three max) people you REALLY want to follow, and go deep instead of wide.  Get a course, sure.  Then get coaching or consulting and implement what you are learning along the way.  

Imperfect Action every day - Progress over Perfection.

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Automate & Replicate

This is the critical point for many businesses.  

This is where a lot of people get stuck and eventually either accept that their business just "is" the size it is. 

When they get stuck at a revenue point for several months or even years...

This tends to be due to lack of systems and automation.

Automation, meaning two things:

One - Marketing Automation - having a well-oiled machine for marketing follow-up and cart abandonment, plus a system of content distribution that can cover you for a month long vacation or an unexpected family event.

And, Two - Protocol Automation - back to that month long vacation or unexpected family event, along with any number of other bumps in the road... these Protocol Automations are ways to back-fill tasks and responsibilities so the business moves forward when ANYONE - even you - needs to step away.

Replication simply refers to two areas as well:

One - Repeating these systems and protocols in each business process.  They won't look the same in bookkeeping as they do in marketing, but you need SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) and Protocols in place for every 'department' in your business.

And, Two - Referrals - creating a referral machine is critical to exponential growth.  Your existing clients are referring to you while you are attracting new clients with paid advertising, product launches and content.

As I mentioned above, I keep it simple, so I used Google Docs and Evernote for most things, and my husband, daughter and son have a login key to get access to accounts, as does my executive VA.

In addition to these named areas, most clients are looking for simple tweaks to optimize their current offers and follow-up sequences.  Get better ad conversions, sales page conversions and follow-up conversions, plus do a better job of retaining the clients they have.

We typically find that some simple tweaks can easily add 20% (or more) in revenue, depending on the business.  And that's before we do anything else.  

One recent client saw CPA's decrease and average order value increase from around $25 to over $50 - in just over a month.  And that does not account for any back-end sales.

Many of the clients that come in during this phase are looking for either a Group Coaching environment or 1-on-1 Consulting to help make that leap forward.  

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