Our PROFIT Pillars work within and across all Three Phases of Business Growth from Zero to Seven Figures…

The truth is that most businesses go through these three phases multiple times – over the lifetime of the business… Each of the six PROFIT Pillars plays a role in every phase, yet they have more prominence and are applied differently as your business grows.  The point is that you never stop growing, engaging and nurturing.  And (smart) systems, optimizations, and automations become more important as you grow.

Read on to see where you are right now and how we can help…


The best outcomes start with a solid foundation.  How well do you know your (smallest viable) audience and target market? Being very clear on what they want is key.  Remember, it’s about them, not you…

Focus on growing your audience and email list while validating your core offer(s).


The marketplace has changed rapidly over the last 2 years, and it will keep changing.  The landscape is forever shifted. Give your audience value and reasons to pay attention.  Promote in smart ways that pull the audience toward you.

Incorporate paid traffic & some Integrations that will help you grow a bit faster


Sequence matters. And those first two steps are critical for this one to succeed. 

This is where the real fun begins.  Smart automation and the referral machine. Treat your clients like family so they can’t wait to refer their friends.

Ascent helps you get to the Profitable & Prosperous lifestyle you deserve.


If you’re reading this, then you likely already have a six figure business (or darn close) and are looking for growth, so this may feel like review. Humor me.

Primarily, remember “It’s not about you, it’s ALWAYS about them,”…and they are always tuning into their favorite radio station, WII FM (What’s In It For Me)!

Channel your inner Seth Godin and find that smallest viable audience for this phase. Clarity here is a key element to your future success.  

This is the critical first step in your solid foundation for literally everything else.  In fact, I’ve seen numerous business owners who weren’t totally clear on how they wanted to serve an audience, but definitely knew WHO they wanted to serve become quite successful.  It is rarely true the other way around.  

While many of my clients these days are not beginners, I do still love seeing those ‘aha moments’ when things previously unseen begin to connect for students and clients.

During this phase, you focus on building your audience, building your list (two different things) and creating content that lets them know you can help them.  Your content will focus on solving problems or achieving goals or desires (like learning a skill or hobby). And you listen. Listen to their comments and replies. Learn the language they use when they speak about their problems and desires.

This is also the time to test and validate your offer(s). 

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It really starts getting fun when you’re attracting that ideal audience to your content and you get the opportunity to engage with them.

Regularly engaging with your audience is key to profitable promotions.

Consistent content sent out over time is what generally makes this happen.  That’s why there really are no overnight successes in business.  People need to get to know you a little through your content and the various platform(s) where you share it.

The Growth phase is where many entrepreneurs stay for awhile – they get stuck at the same revenue or profit and stuck in a cycle that feels more like owning a job than leading a business.

Having systems and at least one part-time VA to help with your least favorite tasks, or just the things really outside your zone of genius, will save you time, energy, and even money in the long run.

I also fully support keeping a lean team. I do this in my own business because I want it to remain nimble and portable.

(However, I’ve worked in large corporations and managed big teams, so I know how to help with enterprise-level growth as well.)

Here’s the thing…I find so many small business owners clinging to the IDEA in their head of what their business SHOULD look like – and still doing… All. The. Things. All by themselves.

Now, let me tell you, my friend, that will keep you struggling for years.  I know because I’ve been there.

I went from corporate sales executive running a team that spanned 13 states and mid eight figures wholesale to digging my heels into the IDEA in my HEAD of having my own business – all by myself.  The rogue exec turned entrepreneur that magically transformed overnight into a darling of the online marketing world.  LOL. Yes – years later, I have a thriving business and am so happy with what I’ve built.  But I did not do it alone, and it did not happen overnight.

I invested in coaches, mentors, masterminds, and courses. Do what you can with those DIY courses. Then get coaching or mentorship, and implement what you are learning along the way.  

Imperfect Action every day – Progress over Perfection.

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This is the critical point for many businesses.  

This is where a lot of people get in a rut and eventually either accept that their business just “is” the size it is, or even fold and do something else because they can’t get the revenue and profit to a point that they are generating enough profits for the lifestyle they want.

When they can’t break through a certain revenue point for several months or even years…

This tends to be due to lack of repeatable processes (like SOPs) and retention.  That comes from Systems and Fulfillment (Nurturing existing customers and clients)…

The systems that can impact growth the fastest are twofold:

One – Marketing Automation – having a well-oiled machine for marketing follow-up and cart abandonment, plus a system of content distribution that can cover you for a month long vacation or an unexpected family event.

And, Two – Protocol Systems – back to that month long vacation or unexpected family event, along with any number of other bumps in the road… these Protocol Systems (such as SOPs) are ways to back-fill tasks and responsibilities so the business moves forward when ANYONE – even you – needs to step away.

Fulfillment & Nurturing refers to two areas as well:

One – Make your audience and leads feel heard.  Make new clients and buyers feel important to you.  Have systems in place to help you collect feedback – good and bad – to help you grow with emotional intelligence and smart business decisions.  This opens up retention…it is exponentially easier to sell more to an existing client than to acquire a new one.  Keep the good clients and sell them more.  Find out what they need next and give it to them, grow with them as far as you can.

And, Two – Referrals – creating a referral machine is critical to exponential and rapid growth.  Your existing clients are referring to you while you are attracting new clients with paid advertising, product launches and content, and retaining your best clients… 1+1+1 = 300…  Seriously.

As I mentioned above, I keep it SIMPLE. We use cloud storage and project management software so our team can collaborate with ease. This was hard-learned after the first few years of keeping lots of files on my laptop (not conducive to collaboration or delegation).

In addition to these categories, most clients are looking for simple tweaks to optimize and improve conversions from ads, sales pages, follow-up emails, and still do a great job exceeding the expectations of clients and customers.

Our goal is always a quick win, so we look for low hanging fruit that can make a cash flow or profit impact before we peel the onion for the more complex changes.

One recent client saw CPA’s decrease and average order value increase – the result was an average new buyer net revenue increase of 2X in just over a month!  That kind of change in cash flow can make a dramatic (and rapid) impact on your growth. (And that example does not include any back-end sales.)

If you are ready for a personalized system for predictable growth to soar past plateaus into long-term prosperity, watch the PROFIT Pillars training now.