Here’s the Problem with Old School Prospecting & Recruiting


It has now been 3 years since I entered the world of ‘entrepreneur’ as a home business owner. Lets just say the road has been an ‘interesting’ one at best, with many struggles and frustrations along the way.  Yes, the outcome has been worth fighting for…

But what stinks is…

confused computerI had to learn the long hard way.

Today my aim is to shorten that learning curve for you. To help you skip a lot of the frustration I went through and to lead you down the path I finally discovered.  After-all I’ve taken MANY ‘wrong turns’ along the way.

In fact there was one particularly embarrassing, even cringeworthy (is that even a word? lol) moment which was pivotal for me (I’ll share the juicy details in another post… but keep reading and it’ll start to paint the picture)

I want to explain why those paths did not work for me, and the path which IS working (very well) for me now:

Learn a Faster Way To Share Your Business Without Having To Chase Prospects  Here In The Free 10 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

Keep reading and you might well relate…

Let me start by asking you a question:

How do you feel when people contact you (by phone, mail or with messages on the internet) and after a matter of seconds its obvious they have only 1 intention – to sell you something…?

How would you feel if that person was actually your friend??

Yup – if you are using any of the strategies below, that is how you’re making people feel.  In fact, when I look back at my past strategies it still makes me cringe today.

Have you ever done any of the following? (HINT I certainly used to!):

  • make a list of 100 people and contact them all?
  • Invite friends over to your house for a ‘get together’ with the intention of sharing your ‘cool opportunity or products’ with them? (I remember that one TOO well lol)
  • message all your friends on social media?  (Even searching for and ‘friending’ those old school friends and sending them a message? cringe, cringe)
  • Pasted your link into a Facebook group or your page, with a ‘well thought out message’ (lol used to take me hours to think of the message to sound like I was ‘helping’ them)
  • I could go on…

Here’s the truth.AMF_1

I actually started to hate my business. The business that was supposed to create more time freedom in my life sucked the life out me. It was turning into a job and that’s what I had worked so hard at to walk away from!

I didn’t want to feel awkward or even ‘dirty’ prospecting everyone with a pulse.

I didn’t want to then babysit the few people who did join me, beg and plead for them to stay active with their membership, listen to complainers or convince people why they should continue to keep working hard.

Have you ever felt like this?  

Let me start by saying, if all these strategies are working well for you… if you LOVE pounding the pavement and prospecting people, this post is NOT for you…

If you can relate to how I used to feel, then keep reading.

Because the good news is, there is another way!

And It’s not your fault if you’ve so far struggled with these strategies…

You’ve just not learned the 2 effective strategies I’m going to share with you here today.

Two Effective Online Strategies

You see 6 months in, I was feeling hopeless and totally discouraged. I didn’t sleep well at night, and this was particularly serious considering my 3 year old twins were relying on me during the day.

I was within a hair’s breadth of throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

That was when I discovered the world of online marketing and the 2 strategies I’ll share with you now.

Strategy Number 1 – Online Prospecting

The 1st strategy I tried some would describe as ‘free’ and those who are successful with it refer to it as ‘easy’. As I explain it is actually neither of those!

Believe me those people have taken years to master ‘online prospecting’ strategies.  They have experienced failure along the way themselves.

In a Nutshell Online Prospecting involves the following steps:

1. Find: There are several places to search for people who are likely to be targeted leads/prospects for your business.  You can search for friends of friends, on the fan pages of leaders, in interest groups.

2. Connect : You join in the conversation on a page which is related to your niche.  Your aim is to be networking/connecting with people in your niche.

Once you get a short conversation flowing with someone, you can private message and/or add them as a friend.  But you need to take caution with this, you can only do this a certain number of times each day before Facebook will not like it.

3. Identify need – ask questions to identify where/how they are struggling. It is important that you are natural with people.  Try to establish commonality (people feel more connected when you have things in common).  Ask questions and be interested in the answers.

4. Propose solution – e.g. position your offer. This might be your MLM opportunity – with your leadership. Or if you’re in an online attraction marketing system you can position the actual system of any of their training courses or free content as a solution.

5. Follow-up – It is BEST and most effective if at some point in this process you actually talk to the person. On the phone or Skype. You can do this entirely online, but you will have better and faster results if you actually get on the phone.

Online Prospecting – Bottom Line:

Online prospecting, as outlined above CAN be effective, but it takes a lot of time.

Remember, nothing is ever free. From my own personal experience using these strategies, online prospecting merely drained what little time I had.  Yes, it was better than hiding out in the mall, but it still made me feel somewhat ‘awkward’.

The majority of the time, such techniques will only lose you friends and most definitely not get you fast results… (unless you are SUPER effective at the strategy)

Yes, of course I convinced myself I was ‘helping’ people when I connected with them. Some of the time it did actually work and I signed several people up that way.

I felt awkward (in fact it felt kinda dirty) and it was incredibly time consuming for very few results!

Like I said at the beginning – if you are have had tremendous success at hosting parties, meetings, and pounding that pavement. I am actually happy for you. This post is NOT for you.

If you love approaching every stranger online or offline and opening up a conversation that leads to an invitation to view your presentation. Go for NO! Right? It’s a numbers game! Who cares about NO’s you are looking for the Yes!

It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I just felt awkward.

So what is the alternative?

Strategy Number 2 – Attraction Marketing

It was when I discovered attraction marketing that I was finally able to stop every single one of those strategies.

I finally stopped doing the chasing and became the chased. Moved from being the hunter to the hunted.

The power of leverage – the alternative to prospecting people one by one.

Once I learned Attraction Marketing, as outlined in the Free 10 Day Bootcamp, I actually stopped using Strategy Number 1 as my main way to generate more leads and close more sales…

Because I didn’t need it anymore.

I stopped messaging strangers my templated messages like in Strategy #1 because people were messaging me.

With strategy number 2 I finally learned how to use…

The power of community and mentors who are there to help you and walk you through the process step-by-step.

I now wake up to commissions – coming in while I sleep. Some small. Some very big. I’ve had several $1000+ days since that day. All possible because of “Attraction Marketing”

This was the key for me. It unlocked the lifestyle I now lead. Allows me places on leaderboards, commissions flowing into my inbox on a regular basis.

In fact, embracing this principle will get you leads and sales in your business without you ever having to pick up the phone again.

For me, I felt free! and what is more… and even better… my business really took off! I was finally able to attract people to me. And within 6 months I had signed up 125 people into my business.

I was able to stay at home with my twin girls – I was happy, my girls were happy and my family life was happy… all because I had discovered this Attraction Marketing Formula.

Recruiting and ProspectingImagine…

No longer making cold calls, instead people will actually contact you to join you… No longer chasing people around anymore or handing out cheesy fliers.

You will no longer be in desperate need of someone to talk to. People will be knocking down your door, seeking you out to join your business.

You will be in control – no longer chasing!

Because there is no need for you to keep pounding the pavement when you can leverage automated systems to do all the heavy work for you.

If you have reached the bottom of your ‘warm list’ and don’t know where to turn to next, you can to start to build up your own warm list through attraction marketing.

If you want to learn how it works, my friend Ferny actually reveals the entire strategy I’ve used for the past couple of years, in a free 10-day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available HERE.

You’ll also get more details about a book he wrote, (which literally changed my life btw) and goes into the nuts and bolts of his recruiting and selling formula.

This guy is amazing and I highly recommend you check it out if any of this resonates with you.


Learn marketing, mindset and sales strategies to help you achieve results online!

 attraction marketing

P.S.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in a network marketer, an affiliate marketer or whatever kind of business you’re in….if you need leads for your business and you’re tired of cold calling and chasing prospects, and rejection… this Free 10 Day Bootcamp will be a business-changer for you.  Click Here To Get Access To It Today


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