Attraction Marketing Demystified – Are You Missing The Boat?

attraction marketing demystified

Have you heard the phrase attraction marketing, but never really understood what it meant? Or how it can help you with your business?

Before I dig into exactly what attraction marketing means… And how you can skyrocket your business results by employing it…

First of all I want to point out that the big corporations and stores have been using this concept (on you!) for years… so you think it works? You bet it does!
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attraction marketing demystifiedFact is – you can see attraction marketing at work everywhere.

The store which offers free samples, a camera store which offers a free photography class – both of these are examples of attraction marketing at work!

I’ve always had a ‘soft spot’ for free samples – little did I know these ‘free give-aways’ were attraction marketing at work.

To get me in the door, where they could build a relationship with me (through good customer service) and place their products in front of me (related to their free give-away).

Why You Should Embrace Attraction Marketing Methods?

You might be surprised to hear it actually makes no difference what industry you’re in, or type of products or services you offer – attraction marketing methods work for all.

Let me explain further…

Perhaps you’re in the home-business industry and you’ve not so far had much success with ‘old-school’ methods:

  • You’ve burned through your ‘warm list’
  • You’re fed up with talking to everyone with a pulse when you’re out
  • You’re fed up with rejection on the phone or elsewhere
  • You’ve been spamming your link all over social media

Or perhaps you have a ‘brick and mortar’ business or sell your own products and

  • You’ve created a website, but just can’t get hits to the website
  • You’ve spent money on advertising your website and still have no results

Listen… I started in the home-business industry in a network marketing health and wellness company and I did all of the above!

Quite honestly it took a couple of my closest friends to point out why people were starting to avoid me and my messages, to search for an alternative solution.

So I went online to try to find an answer.  That is when I learned about attraction marketing.

Here I am today, having firmly embraced the principals, and my business has long-since been completely turned around.

So What Exactly Is Attraction Marketing?

As soon as I starting searching online I noticed a pattern… Every single one of the ‘top marketers’ were offering something to me in exchange for my Email address!knowledge

No matter where I turned, Google, YouTube, Facebook – I would type in my problem or question and BAM up came a solution I could access in exchange for my Email address…

Most of the time, I didn’t even know what company they were involved with.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that pattern yourself? 

THAT was when the penny dropped! Attraction marketing simply means offering something of value upfront, which attracts people from YOUR target market, to build up your target audience online.

Once I had learned to employ these strategies myself…

Suddenly I was able to stop messaging my friends and family…

Stop messaging strangers…

Stop talking to strangers when I was out…

I felt free!  I learned how to create a truly passive way of making sure that when I woke up each morning…

I would have an inbox full of notifications of new prospects (leads) interested in learning more about my business or my products.

You see, just about every other type of business in the world is now using proven, passive and scalable online marketing & advertising methods.

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