Welcome to Marketing Profit School!  We are so happy to have you here!

This TEAM website was built to help home business owners who are looking to improve their current results WITHOUT the need to learn the high-tech, complicated strategies taught by so many. We are ‘in the trenches’ right now applying everything we teach, to achieve our own business results.

From working with and helping many struggling home-business owners we have discovered people are looking for simplicity!

So, if you are currenty experiencing any of the very same frustrations we ourselves experienced… let us help you!

Are you currently fed up with chasing friends and family? Sick and tired of rejection? Tired of talking to (very skeptical) strangers? Overwhelmed by the thought of entering the ‘dreaded world’ of internet marketing?

Through our support and by applying our simple 3 Step Formula (link to videos) you can eliminate the frustrations, slice through the learning curve and save yourself time and money. Because there IS an alternative to experiencing the struggle that 95% of network marketers go through… and you deserve to know about it!

Who are the people behind Marketing Profit School?marketing profit school attraction marketing program

We are Penny Kelley and Angela Boswell, two internet marketers who have a passion for coaching other entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We absolutely love watching our students and clients Succeed, Rank Advance, and get on the Leader Boards of their companies!

Penny Kelley is a business coach specializing in traffic and lead generation.  She is also a wife, mom to two amazing kids and one spoiled cat, wine lover and soccer fan.  With two high school-aged children, the thought of college “right around the corner” was what prompted her to leave the corporate world behind in favor of results-oriented online marketing in 2014.  Penny lives with her family in Louisiana, USA.

Angela Boswell is a business coach specializing in teaching attraction marketing and social media marketing.  She is also a wife and mom to twin girls!  The strong desire to stay with her girls is what prompted Angela to pursue her online business instead of returning to a teaching career in 2012.  Angela lives with her family in Cambridge, UK.

We both have our own businesses and enjoy helping other entrepreneurs learn the very same proven methods we’ve discovered and continue to apply to our own business to achieve results today.  We set up the unique Marketing Profit School team site to help you learn and apply these proven methods faster. By leveraging the simple resources, training and tools on the site, and by integrating it with the same proven platform we use in our own business – so YOU can finally become profitable in your business!

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