7 Tips for Successful Selling and Recruiting


When you talk to people about your home business it can exciting.  However, sometimes you can be a ‘bag of nerves’, even when you are talking to someone you know well…

Mistakes can be made. Conversations can suddenly take a U-turn.

Heck… I’ve even had friends respond in a, shall we say, ‘short tone’ when I followed up with them.

So today I want to share:

7 Tips for Successful Selling and Recruiting

If your home business relies upon you successfully finding and recruiting, or signing up other people into the company, whether that be a network marketing opportunity or one of the related affiliate platforms, there are some critical sales fundamentals you must apply.

It was when I started apply the strategies I share today, that I started to see real results in my home business.

Gone were the ‘awkward silences’

Gone were the ‘difficult objections’

Gone were the ‘questions I really didn’t know how to answer!’

When you apply the following strategies conversations not only flow – naturally. You actually make sales and recruit!

So here are my tips:

1. Always ask open-ended questions. 

The prospect should be doing 80% of the talking vs your 20%. Talking too much is a very good way to talk your prospect OUT of a sale!

You are aiming to do is to dig into their pains. Bring those pains to the surface and then get them to consider what would happen if they are NEVER fixed or resolved?

Here are some excellent open-ended questions to ask:

“What is the biggest thing you are struggling with in your business right now?”

“What has happened in your life which has brought you to the place where you’re considering starting a home-business?”

“It sounds to me like we need to work on that xyz…” for example “It sounds to me like we need to work on that debt…”

2. Always make sure you schedule a follow-up call with them – NEVER leave it open.

NEVER leave it for them to decide.  The earlier the better.
The question ‘How soon will you be able to watch the presentation?’ works well.

3. Share your before and after story

For example:

Before I found xyz I was…. then after I started using it I found I was…
You can use 3rd party stories here as well.  For example, if you’ve not yet achieved results simply answer with ‘I don’t know about that but, my upline just… (went on a cruise, lost 10lbs etc.)

4. Pitch without a pitch.

So, for example if you are talking to someone about programme xyz, it can be effective to actually explain to them how you follow up with your xyz leads. Not only do you show them how ‘easy’ it will be for them, you are also highlighting the benefits of your programme/product (in a subtle way).

Say things like “If I was talking to my xyz leads right now I would talk to them about our private team Facebook group. About the fact that they will get a 1-on-1 coach to walk them through the programme when they first get started.” Whatever are the highlighs of YOUR programme or product, you can talk about here – but in a natural, not ‘salesy’ way.

5. Answer a question with a question!

If they ask a question you need to turn the question around and shoot it straight back to them – you want to keep the ball in their court, not in yours.

“Great question… let me ask you this…..”

“It sounds to me like you’re looking to xyz” e.g. “It sounds to me like you’re looking to generate leads online. Is that correct?”

You need to KEEP asking them questions. That way you keep them talking.

6. Paint the picture

Once you’ve established what they are looking to do, what will help them to be doing, then you paint a picture:
“So if you able to…xyz, how would that help?”

e.g. “So, if you were able to generate 10 to 20 leads per day, how would that change your business?”

“OK, let’s get specific, If you were to talk to all those people, how many people do you think you could close into your programme?”

“Right, so let’s be conservative. If you could close 2 per week, that is 8 per month. So how much would that earn you in your business each month?”

During the whole process keep chipping in with questions like:

“Are you getting this?” or “Does that make sense?”

This keeps them in a ‘Yes’ state.

7. TELL them what is going to happen next.

Once they are convinced you need to TELL them what is going to happen next. DON’T leave it up to them to then sign on the dotted line.

“OK here’s what’s going to happen next” “I’m going to send you a link”

For example you can say “I’m going to send you a link to the trial”. “Do you see that link?” “OK, so you’re going to click on that link and fill out the information” “then you will have instant access to the system and your trial” “You will also have instant access to the private Facebook group, and I will be available to answer your questions through E-mail”.

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